The Everyday Coach Book

Everyday Coach Book Cover
Harrison Bernstein

Ever catch yourself asking, even in your own mind, “Why can’t I get people to behave the way I want them to? Kids, boss, employees, teammates, spouse… If they would just (fill in the blank), then I could (fill in the blank)”

  • Learn how to create environments where people want to work for you: in the office, at home, and on the ball field.
  • Compelling leadership stories from the world’s best leaders in the military, professional sports, and business.
  • Unique leadership strategies that can be implemented immediately
  • 100% of the profits of this book help a veteran  become a coach in their community through the 501c3 charitable organization Soldiers To Sidelines

“Everyone is a coach, every day, in every aspect of their life.”

Available for purchase:

$24.99 on Amazon.