Soldiers to Sidelines and Travis Manion Foundation Announce Partnership

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June 9th, 2020 | Josh Adelman

We are excited to announce that Travis Manion Foundation (TMF) and Soldiers To Sidelines (STS) have joined in partnership to help further both organizations’ impact. These veteran service organizations (VSOs) focus on supporting veterans, service members, military spouses, and families of the fallen.

TMF Chief Strategic Partnership Officer Hugo Lentze shared: “We at TMF are grateful for all our partners and assess STS as a complimentary organization with deep knowledge of the profession of coaching at all levels across a wide domain of sports. Coaching is an effective way to empower our members.”

TMF continues to empower veterans and families of the fallen through multiple ways; https://www.travismanion.org

“If Not me, then who…” is the inspiring mantra that attracted STS Founder & Executive Director Harrison Bernstein to seek our partnership with TMF. Harrison stated, “Our growth over the past two years reflects our committed partnerships; we view the Travis Manion Foundation as synergistic and look forward to 2022 and beyond.”

STS remains focused on providing a meaningful and lasting impact on others through athletics; https://soldierstosidelines.org

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