Over 45 New Coaches Certified in 3rd Annual Women’s Coaching Seminar

Military Women's Coaching Certification Seminar

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March 9th, 2023 | Josh Adelman

On Thursday, March 2nd, Soldiers To Sidelines graduated its latest class of Certified Soldier Coaches with the completion of the 3rd Annual Military Women’s Seminar, presented by Wounded Warrior Project.

With over 140 registrations, the popularity of the Seminar is a great testament to Director Johannah Zabal’s program and hard work. The Seminar delivered on a variety of topics including sleep, nutrition and high performance. In addition to the fantastic support provided by Wounded Warrior Project, the Seminar is made possible, thanks to the partnership of Booz Allen Hamilton and the Women’s Veteran Alliance.

Women’s sports have seen an unprecedented increase in popularity and resource commitment. There’s never been more opportunity and need for women coaches.

“When we break a glass ceiling, we celebrate it, and we look for the next one to break.” – Col. Jen Block, Air Force.

Fifty committed coaches sacrificed thirty hours of time to secure certification.

US Marine Corps Veteran Laurie Sayles, current President and CEO of Civility Management Solutions, in discussion about the seminar last week, “I am enjoying the classes, as I can cross reference yesterday’s discussion to my role as President and CEO of a government contracting firm. Also, I am all into being healthy and fit, so I look forward to the other classes as well.”

Soldier Coaches going through one of the presentations in the seminar

The star-studded array of speakers included Colonel Jen Block, Executive Director of Athletics of the Air Force Academy; Carla Criste, tenured Professor of Physiology and Nutrition at the United States Naval Academy; Major Allison J. Brager, a neuroscientist for the US Army; Dr. Rita Kostecke (LTC) Brigade Surgeon for US Army Special Operations, and retired Army Colonels Edna Cummings and Holly West. Additional speakers included Siana Sylvester from Higher Echelon and Melissa Washington from Women’s Veteran Alliance.

“If you are in the military, you are a coach. You have to push people to find it in themselves.” – Edna Cummings

In addition to the development of “high human” skills and career preparation, the class learned from acclaimed soccer coaches, Jen Shackford of William and Mary and Air Force Academy’s Laura Busby.

Zabal pointed out the following takeaways from our speakers.
· “We need to allow our players (and ourselves) to fail in order to promote growth.”
· “Learning isn’t linear.”
· “Knowing yourself is paramount to coaching/leading well.”
· “Fun is a huge component of lasting culture.”

Soldiers To Sidelines is thrilled to welcome this class of women Soldier Coaches to the STS Tribe!

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