Soldiers To Sidelines Sports Performance Coaching Workshop at Fort Carson

Powered by Wounded Warrior Project

On Friday, September 15th, Soldiers To Sidelines conducted a fun, interactive coaching workshop at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs. The workshop equipped the local military community to better understand the fundamentals of their own fitness programming and how best to coach others to meet their training goals. “The group had many different experience levels and education backgrounds, which led to interesting conversations about exercise selection,” says Harrison Bernstein, Founder and Executive Director of Soldiers To Sidelines. “It was such a pleasure to work with this sophisticated group.”

The day began with a warm introduction from our sponsor partner Wounded Warrior Project represented by Marc Hoffmeister, Col. (Ret.) U.S. Army.  He showcased all the services provided to post 9/11 veterans by WWP and how these services can support Soldier Coaches desire to coach in the community.
From there, the class participated in a guided discussion about leadership, coaching, and management based on the STS Inverted Pyramid of Coaching Success. This set the foundation to take a deeper look into all variables to consider when selecting exercises for a fitness program.

STS Director of Education, Nate Palin, instructed the course with Bernstein. “It was wonderful to see everyone realize their power as a coach in sports performance,” said Palin.  We evaluated how force implicates exercise selection and how these exercises in turn affect the body and performance. Finally, the course culminated with participants practicing instructing three exercises to each other.  This simulated the experience of working as a collegiate strength and conditioning coach.

Erik Kingsley, 10th SFG(A) transition coordinator of the SUMMIT Program did a wonderful job organizing the logistics to offer this workshop to Ft. Carson community. He and the SUMMITT Program provide meaningful opportunities to transitioning service members. Kingsley said, “It was impactful and helpful for the people who attended.”

Soldiers To Sidelines is excited to continue offering more coaching opportunities to military installations throughout the country.  Soldiers to Sidelines events bridge the civilian military divide, while providing purpose for veterans and leadership pathways for young athletes nationwide.

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