Adaptive Athlete Coaching Seminar Triumphs in it’s return!

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The second annual Adaptive Athlete Virtual Coaching Certification seminar was a resounding success and sport directors, Dr. Theresa Larson and Marc Hoffmeister have set the standard of excellence for future seminars to follow.  

Having the opportunity to get certified in coaching adaptive athlete with Soldier to Sidelines was a game changer for me. Not only was the material informative but very engaging, energetic and interesting throughout the process. All of the presenters had knowledge and passion.” proclaimed US Navy Veteran, Melissa Klotz

The seminar is made possible thanks in part to the incredible support of The Wounded Warrior Project!

The seminar opened with 2-time US Paralympian, Dani Aravich keynote address followed by Movement Rx, Dr. Megan Graff, who delivered a talk on Adaption, Inclusion and Wounds.  

“Before the seminar I was uncomfortable submitting my resume for a facility that works with Adaptive Athletes, though I have coached men. Now after completing this seminar I feel ready to submit my resume there and ready to begin helping my fellow Vets who are seeking training at this facility.” said US Air Force Veteran, Kelly Huerta

US Army Command Sergeant Major (Ret.), Gretchen Evans  highlighted Monday.  The 2022 Pat Tillman Award of Service recipient and founder of Team Unbroken, floored the room with her inspirational keynote address. 

“I truly believe that we all have a calling to teach and coach. Whether it is just internally to our family/community or to a larger audience. This seminar helped me really dig deep inside so I can find out “why” I want to Coach. Coaching is more than just barking plays. It is calling to make people better and have a meaningful life.” US Army Major, Steven Pyles

Cycling Coaching Expert, Jim Lehman led off Wednesday eve discussing classifications and Colonel (Ret.) Patty Collins delivered an inspiring keynote to end the evening.

“I suffered from a stroke and the doctors said I would never recover to run again. After this seminar, I’ve started work ups to run again!” US Navy (Ret.) L. Lorraine Fowler

Closing up the seminar were two fascinating talks delivered by the foremost experts in their field, Dr. Belisa Vranich on Breathing and Dr. Melissa Rescott on Sleep, Pain and Performance.

Thank you to all those who participated, welcome to the STS tribe!

Patty Collins

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