On Thursday, STS Endurance Sports wrapped up an incredible certification seminar led by Sports Performance Sports Director, Johannah Zabal.

Johannah Zabal Leads STS Sports Performance Clinic at Commanders Park

The depth of content covered and talent represented some of the foremost experts in the field and have left an everlasting impression on the attendees.

“The wealth of information, combined with the passionate energy by the experts, that were the presenters in the course, made me feel grateful for the opportunity to listen and learn from this individuals. In addition, the other coaches, as well as myself, had an opportunity to engage throughout the seminar, which made the seminar, feel more like a community experience learning from each other, and realizing everyone else has similar situations or situations, that would help you understand better” , Melissa Klotz

The seminar was made possible in part thanks to the support of National University.

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“As a military Active Duty physical therapist, my eyes were opened to so much. I am utterly thankful that so much knowledge, experience, and talent were able to come together and that aside from the time spent, I got to benefit for FREE.” , Rita Sircar-Valdez

“I find it amazing that these courses are provided to soldiers and veterans free of charge. This information is incredibly valuable and I have gained so much from it as a coach. I have a job interview for a coaching position tomorrow actually so this was fantastic timing. I mentioned in my application that I have taken courses through S2S and my potential new boss was very impressed.” Kimberly A Matunis

The “dream team” of Endurance Sports presenters included:

A keynote presentation by Martin Rooney, two segments by Marc Hoffmeister which included Periodization and Programming Long Endurance, Energy Systems with Giovani Urutia, Periodized Nutrition Endurance by Carla Criste, Eating Disorders and RED’s in Endurance Athletes delivered by Stephanie Mull, Sleep Performance by Allison Brager, Periodization and Programming Short Endurance by Liam Collins and Periodization and Programming Mid Endurance, Todd Jennings.


Carla Criste

Carla Criste, USNA, Assistant A.D. / Physical Mission

“This seminar was the best thing I could sit through and it provided me with a vast arsenal of knowledge to make my team and my staff better at what we do for the kids and the community.” Lon Parrish

Congratulations to the newest members of the Soldiers To Sidelines Tribe!